Genealogical Research

Genealogical Research

If you are interested in undertaking the process of recognition of your Italian citizenship, the first step is finding, in Italy, the place of birth and marriage of your ancestor, to prove the bloodline.

The search for certificates, in order to obtain Italian citizenship, requires a thorough investigation.

We search for birth and marriage certificates in all regions, municipalities, parishes, State Archives…..

In most cases where the certificate exists, we are able to find it ourselves; alternatively, a team of researchers in Italy and in Brazil will support us, to grant a smoother and faster provision of our services even in the most difficult cases.

In addition to this, as a result of years of research, we also have a constantly updated database, so that we can streamline our process even more, and reduce waiting time and expenses to obtain certificates in Italy.

ItaloBrasileros redeems your roots, bringing Italian-Brazilian citizens up to their ancestor’s hometown, where they can also see the house where the ancestor was born and lived. For us it is important to ensure that the family “revives” its origins.